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Maintaining Your Hardwood
Only use cleaners approved by the manufacturer. Never wash your hardwood floors with water or with any products such as oil soap or swiffers, etc. This may result in loss of warranty. 
Grit, dirt and sand may scratch your floor, so use mats at entrances to keep grit and moisture from being tracked in.  Be sure to vacuum your floor frequently with a soft brush attachment. 


High heels, hard sole shoes and certain types of casters should be kept directly off hardwood because they may damage or dent your floors.  Appliances should be moved using floor protection such as glide guards or hardboard strips that are at least 6 inches wide.  Felt pads or floor protectors should be used under furniture to minimize scratches. 


Your Hardwood floor can be affected by both the heating and non-heating seasons. Wood floor dimensions can be affected by varying levels of humidity. Care should be taken to control humidity levels within the 30 to 40 percent range. The responsibility for humidity control must remain with the owner, as it is a situation beyond the installers control.  The use of a humidifier is mandatory and it should be one that is professionally installed and maintained.  The purchase of a hygrometer is also highly recommended.

Heating Season (dry):

A humidifier is required to minimize shrinkage due to low humidity levels.  Wood stoves, in floor heating and electric heat tend to create very dry conditions.  Gaps between the boards may develop despite best efforts.  If this situation continues it may result in an expensive and non-warranty repairs.

Non-Heating Season (humid):

Proper humidity levels can be maintained by using an air conditioner or a dehumidifier or by turning your heating system on (summer fan).  Avoid excessive water from being tracked in during periods of inclement weather.  Do not obstruct, in any way, the expansion joints around the perimeter of your floors.

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